Hanover Pavers

Hanover Pavers. Hanover’s NEW Porcelain Pavers are the appropriate service for any kind of kind of exterior flooring.They are hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather condition qualified and also immune of holding up against hefty lots without endangering appearances. With very reduced water absorption, they are immune to harm from mold and mildew as well as moss.

Made for very easy as well as fast installment, Hanover’s NEW Porcelain Pavers can be set up on yard, concrete, crushed rock and also sand. They can be mounted above or on-grade quality, as the Porcelain Pavers utilized in addition to Hanover’s Stands enable water drain with the
consistent 1/8″ joint.

* Readily available in numerous of dimensions.
* Immune to temperature level adjustments.
* Very low tide absorption.
* Readily available in a series of fade-resistant shades.
* Quick & very easy to mount with numerous installment techniques.
* P Spacers are offered to aid with joint harmony.

Hanover pavers is a revolutionary new manufacturing technology that infuses Hanover® pavers from the inside out. Lays the foundation to actively influence the adhesion of concrete molecules and increases the performance of Hanover´s already proven concrete pavers. Concrete molecules are bonded together to strengthen and maintain the highest quality concrete pavers in the industry. For years, acid rain, ultraviolet light and efflorescence have been a detriment to the appearance and longevity of concrete unit pavers.

Will protect against acid rain and ultraviolet light to keep hanover pavers looking vibrant and new for years to come. With an extremely low water absorption rate, efflorescence is substantially reduced. Paver Infusion Technology will dramatically add protection, life and lasting value to Hanover´s concrete paver product line. Hanover pavers are manufactured as a single homogenous mix with average compressive strengths exceeding ASTM C936.

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