Mega Arbel Pavers

Mega Arbel Pavers. Mega Arbel pavers provide house owners the flawlessly incorporated, natural-looking hardscapes they prefer. Its range, uneven form and also distinctive surface area resembles all-natural flagstone, which produces outside rooms that stream sympathetically right into the bordering landscapes such as driveways, sidewalks and also jacuzzi touchdowns.

Mega Arbel pavers allow homeowners to create the perfectly integrated, natural-looking hardscapes they desire. Featuring a range of attractive natural hues to choose from, Mega-Arbel’s scale is similar to natural flagstone – roughly two-thirds larger than Arbel, its smaller counterpart. Plus, installation is easy – the amount of cutting required is reduced to a minimum due to Mega-Arbel’s ingenious interlocking feature.

Belgard sets the worldwide standard for manufactured hardscapes with an extensive line of pavers and walls, featuring a range of shapes, textures, and styles rivaled only by your imagination. Mega Arbel Pavers.

I have a project 10′ x 10′ to do patio. when i went to buy paver the salesman suggested Mega-Arbel pavers because “it is EASY to install” after moving all of them to the backyard & started laying them down found out it is not easy to install. i found out i have almost over 12 different pattern. started as a clover leaf in the center but now is a pain to get the pattern going. found some pictures but still hard to get the show going. I red they have front & back, but how can i found out which side is which, anyway, i was wondering if you can help me out to get the job done!!

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